The Unofficial Rolex™ Number Wizard
The occasionally incorrect catalog of References and Calibers.
About This Website

If you have corrections or additions, please feel free to send them to me.

What is this?

A human curated catalog of data compiled by amateur enthusiasts, for the benefit of other like minded enthusiasts and collectors of Wilsdorf's finest.

What's covered?

The catalog aims to be authoritative for older, vintage and collectible pieces. Modern, current pieces are a lower priority. As are the highly exotic, heavily jewel encrusted models.

Spec Baselines

There exist variations in reference specifications. This catalog aims to capture the initial launch or catalog spec, correct at introduction.

Who's responsible for this site?

Oh just some guy who accumulated a lot of interesting data and didn't want to just delete it. He thought he'd release it into the wild so that others might benefit. If you've enjoyed any of this content, I'd love to hear from you so please leave me a comment or send me an email.

Is it free?

As in beer, yes. This is not a commercial site, has no commercial aspirations and doesn't want anything from you.

It does however have modest running costs. Some are useage based. As long as these don't get out of hand, I'll bare them.

Stating the Obvious

This is a non-profit, homage to a fine Swiss Watch company and in particular it's founder Hans Wilsdorf. This is not affilliated in any way with The Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. or Montres Rolex SA, the Rolex Foundation or any authorized dealer. This site makes no claims to any Trademark. This site contains no data, assets or intellectual property that is not already in the public domain. All trademarked names, brands, models, design innovations mentioned herin are the sole property of The Rolex Watch Company Ltd, Montres SA and their respective trademark owners.